I am a Cannabis lover and user for almost a decade and I can totally understand that all the different chemical formulas of compounds along with strain names like “Girl Scout Cookie” and “Pineapple Express” must be confusing for someone that rarely been around Cannabis – I get that!

The mission with my blog is to pass on information that has been researched so you can fill up on your weed-knowledge and make responsible decisions based on some actual facts. So let’s discover the two most popular components in Cannabis and what they bring to the table.

Admitting that you smoke weed can be very a difficult thing to do as the stigma is still very rooted in most parts of the world, and especially Sweden where I come from, which has a “zero-tolerance” towards ALL drugs. So the confusion was big when CBD oil became this superfood that could potentially help you with almost everything, but at the same time it’s sister THC is considered to be a highly illegal class 1 narcotics… Eeh Que?!


This is all due to historic events that I will bring up in another article alone, so be patient.

Cannabis has over 480 different compounds, and in order for us to understand what they do to us, we need to look inside the body. All mammals have something called the Endocannabinoid System, a biological system that binds to cannabinoids receptors (message receivers) that are present throughout the central nervous system, including the brain. It has a major and important role in our overall health and is involved in regulating a variety of physiological and cognitive processes including fertility, pregnancy, during pre- and postnatal development, appetite, immune system, pain-sensation, mood, and memory. 

There are two primary receptors that have been identified so far:

CB1 receptors are mostly present in the brain and spinal cord and are involved in immune system functions, regulation of appetite, and pain management. 

CB2 receptors are found in the peripheral nervous system and while activated they help reduce inflammation in the body. 

I will write an article exclusively about the Endocannabinoid System shortly, but for now, knowing a little bit more about the role of these receptors, let me introduce you to each of our guests of Honor!

THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol (C21H30O2

This is the psychoactive compound in Cannabis that will make you feel high when it binds to the CB1 receptors. When used carefully THC produces a lovely blend of delightful sensations like euphoria and overall good mood, it also helps patients undergoing chemotherapy or people who suffer from AIDS/HIV to reduce the feeling of nausea and vomiting, along with stimulating appetite which is often an uncomfortable side effect due to either illness or from their treatments. Generally, the effects aren’t that intense but for some people, the effects will not be as enjoyable as they can find themselves with feelings of anxiety and paranoia.  

CBD – Cannabidiol (C21H30O2)

The non-psychoactive compound in Cannabis, that will not get you high, but in revanche, it can help you in moments of feeling too overwhelmed by naturally neutralize and ease the high caused by the usage of THC by cutting or blocking the bond it has to the CB1 receptors.

CBD exclusively binds to the CB2 receptors that are located in the nervous system and have an anti-inflammatory effect on the cells throughout the body which is beneficial for a large number of health reasons. It has also been shown to be very helpful for people suffering from MS, arthritis, and some types of epilepsy. 

Think of THC and CBD as identical twin sisters who share the exact same makeup of 21 carbon atoms, 30 hydrogen atoms, and 2 oxygen atoms with only a microscopical difference of only 1 single atom (illustrated above!). When they work together as a team with the rest of the cannabinoids they perform something called the “Entourage effect”, and this makes them very powerful as they enhance each other’s properties – but this deserves it’s own article so stay tuned!

Most other people and I who love the high and uses it recreationally favor Cannabis that are higher in THC than CBD, while the medicinal users who do not wish to alter their minds tend to go for a higher dose of CBD and very low levels of THC. When used correctly they could be great allies for our everyday life if needed or desired and thanks to the fact that more and more countries are now legalizing for medical use and even for recreational use in a few places, it facilitates proper scientific research to be done.

But we are still in the early process of discovering this plant and that’s why we have to spend more time and money on the science around these compounds. Neither of these compounds is better than the other, they both have huge benefits and they give you the freedom to responsibly chose if you want the mind-altering feeling or not – Hey, Power to the People! 

Personally, I really look forward to seeing what science will tell us about Cannabis as of now there are a lot of shimmering and extraordinary claims about it being the cure for cancer, endometriosis, different skin conditions along with various other illnesses. I am a devoted Cannabis lover, so I would really like that it would all be true, but with respect to you, myself and our bodies, I have to admit that this is only my wishful thinking for the moment as this is not something that has been scientifically proven – But babes, let’s stay curious, critical and fair!

In any case, Cannabis is something that should be used responsibly by people over the age of 25 years old as we should all let our bodies and brains fully develop before we expose it to any kind of substance that has an impact on our system.

I would love to hear from you if there is any questions, stories or if there are other things that you would like me to cover so we all can learn together, hit me a message on any of my platforms and I will try to get back as soon as possible!

Stay Silverstoned. Lots of green love!
Your Lady. S

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