We all have our different preferences when it comes to our favorite plant, some people have sworn to never stop using hash because they love the smell, it’s typical high and that it’s easy to bring, some love to mix and match with concentrates and oils, others like to have all the different choices depending on their mood, and some people, including myself, just love the smell, taste and the visual beauty of the dry flowers.

Everyone is different in terms of taste, personalities, and likings, and that’s what makes us such a fascinating and colorful species!
And I would like to share MY 5 reasons to choose dry flowers when using Cannabis ๐Ÿ™‚

If you like to enjoy your Cannabis as a joint, with a vape or a bong you can easily do it with only the dry flower, without any tobacco or other mixer. This is harder with concentrates or hash as it needs to be mixed up to a volume.

Dry Cannabis flower usually has a potency around 10-30% THC, compared to hash that has between 40-60% THC, and concentrates between 50-75% of THC. Stronger does NOT mean better quality or better experience, and I would definitely not recommend someone doing their Cannabis-debut to dab a highly potent concentrate.

Like with anything that has been grown, there have been fertilizers involved, whether they’re organic or not. If the growers don’t “flush” their plants (only watering them with clean fertilizer-free water for a week or two) before harvest there is a risk that it tastes a bit chemical. When using hash, the risk of it being contaminated is high, both with fungus but also E.coli bacteria, which is an indication of fecal contamination (… I KNOW! It’s really nasty), it is also often cut with oils or even shoe cream. There are many ways of making concentrates, and a very popular one is to extract it with butane, which is toxic, and sometimes residue from the butane can be present in the concentrates.

This is such a personal preference! I really love the smell, touch, and feel on my fingers when I work with the flower. And looking at it in close-up is just fantastic… you see the crystal-like trichomes, the red pistil hairs and the different shades of green – WOW!

Due to the cleanliness, dry flower feels way better mentally to consume, for the exact same reason you don’t want to consume any contaminated or toxic bananas. And the fact that it’s much less potent will give you much more control over your experience, and less worry for side effects like a raised heartbeat or paranoia!

For me, it’s very important to feel safe and good to have a lovely experience. I don’t want to get high, I just want that flowy feeling where both my body and mind are in harmony with whatever activity that I am performing. But again, we are all very different and I am sure there are many lists out there with a “5 reasons to use hash” for the people who are more interested in that. It is important that you find a way that feels best for you, the Cannabis jungle is huge!

What is your favorite way of consuming Cannabis? What do you use and how do you use it? Please share in the comments, I would love to hear about it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lots of love & stay Silverstoned! <3

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