To my fellow Silverstoners all around the globe. Many of us are already sitting in quarantine, while some of you are still enjoying your last days gathering with friends and family (but please try to be smarter than waiting for authority to lock you inside).

So if you still have time and opportunity, go find yourself some top-shelf products before the lockdown, or prepare yourself for a long nice tolerance break. Do not share your water pipes, pipes, joints, vapes and other equipment like grinders with people around you.

Keep yourself updated, don’t only watch your local news, watch what’s happening in the rest of the world as well to get a full overview of the situation we’re in.

And try not to buy in on the crazy conspiracy theories out there… it’s unnecessary! Try instead to learn some scientific information about what a virus is, how it’s spread, history of viruses and what we can do to keep it at bay… you will feel much calmer and also smarter when you have more information! Babe, how are you?

Is someone you know sick? Are you in quarantine already and what’s the latest news from YOUR country?

Please let me know. Lots of love!

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