Oh this is an important one babe!

We might go to this job that we been wanting for years and still feel miserable every day. We might have the hottest partner and lover we could only dream of and still feel an emptiness in our hearts. We might have a perfectly healthy and beautiful body but still not feel comfortable in our skin. We might watch all the latest great series and still feel we’re not getting wiser or more international. The feeling of dissatisfaction is a hard one, and it can play out as sadness, anxiety, disconnection, and even depression.

We humans often put unreasonable goals and expectations on life and its experiences that turn into disappointments instead of happiness. Finding a bigger purpose will help you a lot! Maybe this job isn’t supposed to be forever, but it’s a place where you can network and get contacts, you can learn from the best in your office and on the side build up YOUR DREAM.

Maybe you need to rethink the kind of person you’re dating, put more focus on the personality, intellect, and humor than the physical? Maybe you need some more “me-time” with your body, and be grateful for what you have and focus on the health of the body than the actual shape?

Instead of watching the latest episodes of a Netflix series, you can find YOUTUBE channels that will teach you about space, biology, AI, philosophy, history, economics, politics, DIYs and so on. When you work on YOU, life will feel way more fulfilling and you will feel way more fulfilled and you will feel like you’re working on something BIG!

How do you take care of YOURSELF babe?


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